It’s Fresh: A whole new Yuppie

Written by Albert Galea and Julia Cini

Life and everything within it is all about cycles. The Yuppie is no different. Today’s website launch heralds the start of a new cycle in the lifetime of this now well-established organisation.

Before delving deeper into this new cycle though, it is good to reflect a bit on the cycle that has just ended. When the organisation was founded in February 2017, the initial idea was simple; establish and stabilise.

Running a media organisation is arguably one of the most demanding jobs within student activism, purely because the work is constant. A quality output is consistently expected, and the organisation is truly looked upon as one of the voices of the student body.

Since being founded though the team has risen to this challenge, and now The Yuppie has garnered over 2,000 followers, hosted or actively taken part in almost 20 events, published 300 articles which gathered over 65,000 views and reached over 300,000 people on social media.

Indeed, this is no longer a fledgling media organisation; it is an established name in the ever-growing world of student activism. In reaching this goal, there are countless names to thank – not least every single person who has contributed to the organisation in terms of content or otherwise, even if it was through just one article, or through just one service. It is down to these contributors that the organisation is where it is today.

What about the future?

As already said; the organisation is at a point between cycles. With The Yuppie now established and stabilised at the University of Malta, what follows now is the next logical step; building on our foundations.

The aim of this next cycle is to build upon the work of the last cycle and continue to add to our followers across all social media platforms and to raise our average of article views. Incidentally, this happens to tie into another concept that we are passionate about; freshness.

This organisation was always built on the premise of being a breath of fresh air on campus – and that is a premise that we remain dearly committed to. To remain continually fresh however, it means that one must always find new ways to do new things, new mediums to put forward new content, new subjects to focus on, and a new look to recognise.

This process has already started; some of you may have noted that our organisation has been re-branded in recent days. The launch of this new website is a continuation of that. It’s a new look, for a new Yuppie.

Aside from this however, we are proud to have a variety of writers focusing on a raft of subjects, and hence giving wide coverage to different genres and aspects of life. With them one cannot forget more behind the scenes members; graphic designers, photographers, videographers and web officers but to name a few. That team was, and still is, the true centre of The Yuppie – the cogs that make the machine work, so to speak.

It’s a team that is also expanding – we will be at Freshers’ Week next week, so if you want to be part of this team, drop by and give us a shout!

There is of course all too much to explain in an editorial such as this, for the ideas in mind are near endless. Collaborations with other organisations, more campaigns, more debates, bigger and better social events, and new ways of transmitting content all feature heavily in the coming year’s plans.

What is certain is that it is going to be a busy year, but it’s time to strap yourselves in, and allow us to truly be your voice on campus for the upcoming year and well beyond.