Why just Islam? Religious Education needs a Revamp.

A couple of days ago, the Archbishop of Malta Charles Scicluna raised a veritable sh*tstorm on Xarabank when he said that he would be open to teaching Islam in Church Schools if it were logistically possible; and that the teaching of Islam should be conducted with Government Schools as well.

Now, this proposal was met with rage and indignation by Malta’s average racist citizen who a) seemingly can’t read beyond an article title (if you have gotten to here, consider yourself amongst the educated few) and b) can’t bear to imagine the religion of evil and suicide bombings being taught to Maltese children.  So, for clarity’s sake, before I get to my own viewpoint on this; let’s just have a brief run-through of what the Archbishop actually said.



Speaking in a telephone conversation on Xarabank; Mons. Scicluna said that Malta’s Constitution guarantees freedom of thought when it comes to religion, and that he hoped that the government can come to an agreement to start teaching Islam within schools.  When quizzed on whether the religion could ever make its way into the curriculum of Church Schools; he said that the ethos of Church schools did not mean that Muslim children should be restricted from education or that they should be forced to learn Catholicism by force.  Indeed he said, if it were logistically possible (for instance, if there was a group of Muslim students), he would have no objection to Islam being taught within Church schools.

A very important point to raise at this point is also the fact that Imam Mohammed El Sadi, who was present on the program, said that any Islamic teaching within government schools must be in line with Maltese law and indeed Maltese and European values.



Now, in my view this is all well and good as a first step.  However, my opinion is a much more radical one when it comes to education.  It is  my belief that Religion as the subject it is today, should be scrapped.  Now just give me a minute before you sharpen the pitchfork and light the torch.  Think about it.  Isn’t the subject out of date?  Aren’t the same subject matters being taught in Cathecism lessons?  With the answers to these questions in mind, wouldn’t it be better if that hour per week at school was filled up by another subject?

This subject, call it whatever you like, would incorporate not just Christianity; but also the other four major religions of the world – Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism.  As a subject, it will teach the basic principles and values behind each religion; and then move on to the historical, cultural and social effects that these religions have had on the world.  It doesn’t even need to have an exam at the end of it.  The end goal is to educate people about how other cultures and other religions work, for it is only through education that we will actually start to become more tolerant to those different to ourselves; and hence away from the pathetic racist attitude that seems to have taken over this island like a plague.

This is of course a very utopian idea.  In reality, unless a political party actively wishes to not get elected, something like this will never get implemented.  Not now at least; though one can dream…

Albert Galea

Co-Founder of The Yuppie back in 2017 and a History graduate.

Albert Galea

Co-Founder of The Yuppie back in 2017 and a History graduate.

2 thoughts on “Why just Islam? Religious Education needs a Revamp.

  • March 29, 2017 at 1:23 pm

    According to this guy ” The end goal is to educate people about how other cultures and other religions work”..this would be the wedge to imposing islam upon our island. Have you seen what happened to tolerant countries like Sweden, England, Germany and France by their being “non-racist and non-bigot”? islam and muslims have taken over large sections of their communities. The cursed islamic sharia law has overtaken the local law . Non muslim Natives are not allowed to walk their dogs in their streets, women have to dress up according to sharia law, alcohol is not allowed to be consumed. They have sharia patrols walking the streets and attacking people who do not adhere to their viloent rules! So please, dear Albert before you wave around words like “pathetic racist attitude”..do enlighten yourself by educating your one-track mind about what is happening in liberal, accomodating countries mentioned above in their allowing this cursed movement to take over their way of life!

    • March 29, 2017 at 10:12 pm

      Hi Charles. First off, thanks for your comment. The Muslim population in Malta numbers up to around 6,000 – roughly 1% of the population on the island. In the EU, there are roughly 16 million Muslims (out of a populations of 508 million). To argue that the mere teaching of how a culture and religion works would be akin to imposing Islam is round about as smart as treating a fever by means of jumping in front of a truck. You also mention past events in other European countries. These are indeed wrong – but why use them to label a whole religious community? By the same reasoning; with white, Christian school shooters or conductors of massacres – that must mean that all Christians shoot up primary schools on their days off. As regards to saying how sharia law has taken over communities? In terms of your allegations regarding dog walking please refer to here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07/14/muslim-campaign-to-ban-dogs-in-public-places—is-it-an-islamoph/ In terms of your other allegations, specifically regarding Sharia Patrols – these are in a heavy minority and just the same as Christian fundamentalist groups in the USA. Do we label all Christians because of them? No. And one final point, the massive majority of Muslims in Malta are Sunni Muslims, and hence are more secular than their Muslim counterparts, the Shias. So yes, some research and global view of things would help when approaching this matter – indeed researching such an approach can be quite…enlightening.

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