Why Pay Taxes?

Now before everyone jumps at my throat (find it, I dare you), yes I am indeed aware of the purpose of taxes. Taxes are important, especially in Malta, where they are used to fund the welfare state. Sadly, taxes paid by hardworking people are often abused of. This could include people who are on benefits, when they do not need them, as well as greedy politicians.



No, this is not only aimed at the current government. Most if not all politicians worldwide abuse of the power given to them and line their own pockets as they occupy their positions. But let’s focus on Malta. It is naive and beyond infantile to believe that there has been a government that was not the slightest bit corrupt in our 43 year history as a Republic. It is indeed human nature to be greedy, but should politicians be allowed to get away with it? The average salary in Malta is circa 17k per annum. Someone making this much would have to pay 25% of that in Income Tax, and another 10% of that in N.I.. Roughly, that’s 3,500 Euro a year.



The mismanagement of public money makes people apathetic with regards to their work ethic, why work more to pay more? Someone who makes over 60k a year is required to pay 30% (effectively) of their income (including N.I.) to the government. That would be around 27,000 Euro, straight out of the people’s pocket. Enough to fund certain “consuls'” wage for two whole months!



Many are led to wonder where this money is going. Nepotism has always been, and will always be rife in Malta. Many would agree that in recent years, it has sky rocketed, with tax payers’ money being spent in the most unscrupulous of ways.  What with managers being paid more than there Ministers, and teenage company CEO’s, and certain EU Commissioners, I seem to have lost my trust in the people handling my money.



It is true that all governments, past and present have worked for the public, with many a project being implemented over the years. This being said, how much richer would Malta be if we did not hand out public money to people close to the administration. Should all public accounts be shown to the people, giving us the right to see how our money is spent? Or should we let both major political parties use the populace as their cash cow, lining their pockets, as well as those of the people around them?


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