An ‘Ill-Deviced’ Ban

As a new season commences, the grass begins to get greener, the weather begins to get warmer, and unsurprisingly, President Trump still does not seem to be getting any wiser. On the 21st of March, the federal government began to notify a number of airports in Muslim-majority nations, that the carrying of certain electronic devices, such as laptops, tablets and electronic cameras are to be denied aboard direct flights to the US. As though the world needed another reason to dislike the Trump administration.

Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, all make it on the list of America’s Most Unwanted. This ‘strategic’ move, was done as an effort to minimize the smuggling of explosive devices, and in return to raise social security. In the report released by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), it was stated that, “These enhanced security measures will only affect flights from 10 of the more than 250 airports that serve as last points of departure to the United States.”

The 10 banned airports

Now let’s cut to the chase. In no way, can this be a rational and well thought out plan by the US government. To isolate 10 airports, and effectively cut off some big companies along the way, namely Etihad Airlines, Turkish Airlines, as well as Emirates, is a bold statement; not to mention that the DHS tried to play the previously mentioned statement as though 10 airports are nothing. Not only is the Trump administration condemning potential threats, which I’m sure is what the President  aimed for, he is also condemning innocent citizens, something Press Secretary Sean Spicer will most likely tell you that it’s an “elevated intelligence,” instead of ‘evaluated intelligence’.
This isn’t a matter of killing time on a 10-hour flight. Preventing people from bringing their electronic devices, whether one could agree or not, is wrong, given the circumstance that people depend highly on such devices, for personal, business, work, educational, and entertainment purposes, amongst other uses. Work and contact are a business person’s bread and butter. However, oddly enough, smart phones have been allowed, which beats me if I’m honest.

People can call this xenophobic, as this ban only targets highly Muslim-populated countries. Although Trump on numerous occasions claims that he isn’t a racist, this soon-to-be ban reeks of hypocrisy. In my view on the matter, I feel that this was a last-ditch effort to instill one of the many outrageous, backward and conservative electoral promises. Having been denied on several accounts the implementation of travel bans to some of the aforementioned nations, this in my mind would make sense as to why this type of ban would be enforced. My guesses are that the judges won’t be of much help this time round.

A number of British airlines, including: EasyJet, Jet2, Monarch, Thomas Cook, and Thomson have also joined in on the idea, which only leaves one wondering: Who is next? 2016 has proven how rash the world can be when taking big decisions that can regress the future of their country. I mean not to point any fingers, however such impulsive decisions based off unjustified reasoning does not safeguard the peoples’ interests and well-being. The West are more likely to drop off a bomb, than the Middle-East are at this current point in time. The ‘great powers’ of the modern age must realise that in a world full of political correctness, practicing human rights and equality, discrimination in the name of the greater good, can have serious repercussions; The greater good – in the name of the greater few. Then again, what do I know? Trust the man in the White House. The Americans did vote for him after all. His supporters couldn’t have made it any clearer that they know what they think is best for their nation to be great again.



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4 thoughts on “An ‘Ill-Deviced’ Ban”

  1. Have you bothered to give a thought that President Trump and the number of British Airlines might know something you don’t know? Isn’t it about time you and people like you stop hindering President Trump in bringing security to our world and let him do his job..and you carry on doing yours if you happen to have one!

    1. Dear Mr. Sammut,

      I need to reply on your above comment…should a dictator be in the wrong seat, would this be fine with you and should we just sit back and LET HIM DO ‘HIS’ JOB?

      Looking for more enlightenment….



      1. Good morning Steven…you may call me Charles.
        I was having second thoughts about replying to your comment,but after giving it a third thought I decided to “enlighten” you on the definition of a dictator…..”a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained power by force”…..President Trump was voted in by the millions of people and he does not have “total control”..the Senate can veto certain “Executive Orders”…e.g. the repealment of Obamacare . Should you be in need of more “enlightment”, feel free to ask.

  2. Good Evening Mr Sammut,

    Firstly I’d like to thank you for the comment, you’ve see to have taken an interest on the matter.
    Secondly, I agree partially to your statement. Yes, I believe the world has become a less safe place to be in, but is condemning every individual going to resolve things?
    In case you haven’t been listening to the news as of late, President Trump has failed to pass his travel ban proposals. What makes you think it’s a good plan, when Americans aren’t even agreeing with his ideas? Britain on the other hand haven’t been fairing any better than their neighbour from across the ocean, when it comes to rationalised decisions.
    I believe that in a world where people feel entitled to their rights (which mind you, is fair) condemning innocent people is the number one rule of getting yourself disliked. Might as well put a bullseye on your head.
    People are meant to be lead by example not by fear. These two nations are throwing away centuries worth of diplomatic solutions over the fact that “He’s Muslim”. Something 30 years down the line, our children will not be grateful about.
    I’d like to point out that my job is to seperate the truth from the ridiculous accusations. Also Mr Sammut, in case it wasn’t clear, I’m not the one who’s hindering President Trump, his people are.

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