Marriage Equality Bill – A Game of Political Chess

It has been quite a long time since I last picked up my laptop and had that familiar itch to write something; after the election, University exams and all else that daily obligations required, I was practically drained from my ability to put my thoughts into words. Now, however, I am back, and have plenty of bones to pick and very little time to do so, so let’s go ahead and flesh out today’s unpopular opinion – yep, you guessed it, it’s about the topic which at this very moment will not fail to elicit a heated argument.


I am, of course, talking about gay marriage and how, apparently, there is a lot of political traction to be gained from saying the right, magical combination of words, depending on who you are addressing and for what purpose. Let me start, as I often tend to do, by pointing out a few things; I am, someone who is strongly in favour of humanity’s right for self-determination i.e.: your right to be who you want to be, and to do what you feel you must do with your own body.


Thus, I have no issues with marriage equality, and strongly condone giving the LGBTI community access to do things everyone else already can – suggesting otherwise would be, in my honest opinion, unjustified. Since some have argued that this will (somehow) lead to abortion, I might as well say that I also do not believe in shutting down women’s right to have an abortion if it is their decision to do so, and believe that education is the key to making sure everyone is informed enough in order to be able to make the right decision.



Having said all that, however, there is one aspect about all the recent fanfare of progressiveness and ‘Maltese pride’ few seem to be thinking about which disturbs me greatly. I am talking about the fact that there is no way in hell I am going to swallow the image of a benevolent, open-minded government that loves the concept of equality so much that they have gone as far as to rename a branch of their party ‘Equality Labour’.


Whilst I do applaud any bestowment of rights upon any community that forms part of the general population, I cannot help but remember all the shady, murky dealings that have been made by this government, and how that the overwhelming majority of evidence suggests something far worse than the progressive façade that is being presented. In case you have forgotten, we are talking about the sort of government under which the trends of pawning off ODZ land has escalated, of handing out government jobs, promotions and deals and generally abusing the power of incumbency to secure votes and, more generally, the trend of sleaze that never seems to slide off this country’s back.

The facade of The Auberge du Castille, Valletta, after the Marriage Equality Bill was signed.


Here’s what I really think – I think that signing a bill with the magic words ‘marriage equality’ on it does not make this an equal society. It is a big step forward in the right direction for a specific community that has, up until the last decade or so, been treated terribly – it is a reparation, not a milestone for equality. An equal society would be one in which people would be free to earn a decent living without having to work themselves to an early grave, one in which everyone gets a share of the great, booming bubble of wealth, and not just a few head honchos happily seated on the gravy train that is this country’s economic structure. A truly equal society is one in which there is no preferential treatment, one in which there is fully accountability for every single action (or lack of it) committed by those who are supposed to lead, not cuckold, the nation.

It is a widely regarded fact that Malta is, at the moment, in a property rental price crisis.


You can call me a socialist, a Marxist, a communist, or any other supposedly derogatory term of your choosing, because at this point it’s not relevant – at this point, it should be about focusing on the real issues, and not getting distracted by the celebrations and chants of progressivity. It is, quite honestly, shameful to dangle the gay community’s right to marriage equality in front of their noses like a carrot in order to secure political coverage as the country’s most progressive government, and both the PL and the PN have crossed a terrible line by claiming greatness and patting themselves on the back for giving something that was long past due to a community that has lost countless lives in their struggle for legitimacy.

And don’t even get me started about those carobs…

Julian Delia

I like to challenge everything that can be said and done in the interest of finding out a better way of doing it (so yes, you could sort of say that I have a tendency to ruin most things by pissing on everyone's parade). I am also pretty terrible at self-description, so, like a veterinary struggling to put a washed-up racehorse out of its misery, I'll make this brief. I write because life is only interesting if you know what's really going on, and that is what I try to do with my articles - spread knowledge, because knowledge is key.

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