Money in Politics – The Downfall of American Democracy

For months now we’ve been bombarded with excuses from pseudo-intellectuals on why the greatest military in the history of the world lies in the hands of a narcissistic man-baby. What I find most ironic and irritating about all this, is the fact that the incompetence of these “analysts” and “pundits” helped make the nightmare that is the Cheeto-in-Chief a reality. It’s about time we started ignoring the opinions of those paid not to see the problem, and got right down to the puppet masters of American politics; the rich.

Over the last forty years the productivity of the American worker has increased by over 75%, whilst wages have barely increased after adjusting for inflation. In today’s U.S. the rich get richer, the middle class shrinks, and the poor find themselves struggling to see any hope. Yet with the rich in such a small minority how have elites managed to maintain the balance of power?

Well the wake-up call really should have been the 2010 Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court, in which the Court held that huge corporate money contributed to political campaigns constituted free speech rather than bribery. Following this logic I’m sure they would have ruled that prostitutes have a friendly chat with their clientele for services rendered, one assumes. Though the ruling was far from the beginning of the murder of American democracy, it definitely constituted a nail in the coffin. For decades now the rich have been financing Republicans to move further and further to the right, and sell the idea of trickle-down economics, which is the polite term for sucking the life out of the poor to bloat the rich.

One might argue that in a democracy the opposition could have called out and rectified this imbalance. The only problem is that donors have been lining the pockets of weak Democrats for just as long; boosting their campaigns only for them to turn on their constituents and bow like the spineless cowards they are. Clinton herself outraised Trump considerably as donors jumped the Republican ship to swim for safer waters.

This is the reason the country has reached the fervour and despair characterised by the 2016 campaigns. With Bernie crushed by the elite of his own party, Americans could only choose between the smiling face that had become synonymous with corruption, or the howling lunatic who had been the corruptor. This is how Trump got elected when the day of the election a majority of Americans deemed him unfit to hold office, and almost half of America didn’t vote. They had no one to vote for.

We have corrupt politicians on both sides and their big-money donors to thank for Trump.  I’m only sorry his voters will realise too late that the only trickle down they’ll see, is onto a Russian mattress.

Daniel Cassar

I’m a law student with a keen interest in international politics. My mission statement is to hold the political establishment to account and tell both sides of every story. I also like puppies, Ed Sheeran, deflating egos, Boris Johnson memes and a good cup of coffee.

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