The Yuppie meets the Nationalist Party’s Ruben Teeling!

With Malta going to the polls in under a week’s time, we’ve started to catch up with some general election candidates  Having already met the Labour Party’s Rosianne Cutajar, today we meet Ruben Teeling, who is currently running as a candidate for the Nationalist Party in the 2nd District. He is currently a Lecturer of History and Politics at a Private Sixth form. The Yuppie spoke to Mr. Teeling about the upcoming election:


What motivated you to come out for this general election as a candidate?


My main goal when deciding to come out as a candidate was my duty to our country and people.


What made you want to come out on your respective party’s ticket for this election?


In my opinion, the Nationalist Party is the only party that can truly give Malta a good name in the EU.



What are you going to bring to the table if you are elected?


If I am elected, my principal aims will be Energy, Principles, and Reforms in education. I feel that these are the areas in which Malta is lacking the most.


Considering that both the PN and the PL are tainted with corruption either in the near past or in past legislatures; what can your party do to prove to people that they should vote for them?


Around 60% of the candidates currently running for this general election are new candidates. I strongly feel that new candidates are the best way to ensure real change.


Speaking in terms of the future now, where do you see Malta in 10 years time if your party is elected?


If the Nationalist Party is elected, Malta will be one of the best countries in the EU.

And where do you see Malta in 10 years time if your party is not elected?


No matter which party is elected next week, within the next 10 years, the PN will definitely be elected, with an economic crisis to shoulder.


Since we are a youth oriented media house, we wanted to ask; what is going to be done by your party – if elected – to guarantee a better future for us youths?


Many of our candidates are relatively young (me being 37) and therefore can truly understand youth problems. We will work for the best EU relations and in turn this will create more opportunities for young people. We also promise more civil rights reforms.


Finally, why should people vote for your party?


The Nationalist party is the only party that guarantees good governance, as well as a good name for Malta. The only way to truly change Maltese politics will be by voting for the Nationalist Party.


The Yuppie wishes to thank Ruben Teeling for speaking to us!  For more interviews with political candidates, follow us on Facebook HERE!


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