Don’t Be The Reason

Every young adult right now is hooked on this year’s hit TV series 13 Reasons Why. Those of you who haven’t yet binged-watched this, let me give you the run down (no spoilers don’t worry).

13 Reasons Why is a Netflix series adapted by Brian Yorkey, based on the book with the same title by Jay Asher. The show is about a girl, Hannah, who commits suicide and leaves behind a series of tapes to be passed on to the 13 people who led her, most unknowingly, to do what she did; hence the 13 reasons why. It is a journey of pain, emotions (bring out the tissues) and realisation through which we, as viewers, along with Clay the protagonist, find out what led Hannah to do what she did. It is a very well-thought out and produced series with a heart-wrenching twist during the last episode.

Watching this series made me think that this all boils down to bullying and mental implications that are sitting right under our noses. Lately public figures, including the Royal Family and Lady Gaga, are shedding light on mental health. In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Prince Harry has disclosed that he sought counselling after experiencing two years of mayhem while struggling in his late twenties with coming to terms with his mother’s, Princess Diana, death back in 1997. Prince Harry shares that he switched off his emotions for almost two decades, only dealing with the grief when he was 28 due to increasing levels anxiety and anger, especially at royal engagements. Together with his brother and sister-in-law, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry has set up a charity called ‘Heads Together’, promoting good mental well-being and support.

Other celebrities have also opened up about their own mental health issues, in order to help other people who are struggling to know that someone is listening.  Prince William recently posted a video chatting with Lady Gaga on Skype in which she discusses her post-traumatic stress disorder and that people need to know that they won’t be judged. Chrissy Teigen also opened up about her postpartum depression. She states that she wanted people to know that it could happen to anyone and no one should feel alone or embarrassed by it.

Society needs to be more considerate. We don’t know what people are going through. Remember that the extra comment can affect a person, maybe even driving them over the edge. You may be one of their reasons.

The Yuppie fully supports anyone with mental health issues. We, as a team, are here if you need someone to talk to. Take care.

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