Meet The New UoM Knights Exec Members

The Yuppie talks to UoM Futsal’s newest Executive Committee members exclusively.

During yesterday’s EGM, Elaine Muscat was elected as Sales and Marketing Officer, whilst Andrea Varrazzo was elected as Deputy Secretary General. Fresh out of their election, The Yuppie got the opportunity to get to know them better.

Who is Elaine Muscat?

I am a 22 year old Bachelor of Commerce student doing my final year in Marketing (Honours). I would consider myself to be an active student, previously part of another student organisation (ASCS) as well as currently taking on other University projects, namely TEDxUniversityofMalta. Apart from my involvement on campus, be it through these projects or simply by attempting to dance in Students’ Fest, I also enjoy working out and being part of the Crossfit community.



Who is Andrea Varrazzo?

I am a 21 year old student currently reading for my Marketing Honours Degree at University of Malta. Over the past 4 years at University I have involved myself as much as possible, having formed part of ASCS as events officer.



When did you get involved with the futsal team?

I don’t really know to be honest – sometime last year most probably – I had started attending the games mainly to support my friends who are part of the executive team and coaching staff…little did I know that I would actually interest myself in the sport! – Elaine

I started following the Futsal team since its inception. I remember the project being a small one. My friends and I were amongst the first people to actually go to games and follow the team. It all just picked up from there, year after year. The team got better, the following grew and so did my passion for the team, making me a dedicated supporter this year. Most of the players and technical staff are great friends of mine, which adds to the interest in the team. – Andrea



What is your role in the Executive?

My role in the team is that of Sales and Marketing. I will be in charge of getting new sponsors for our team; closing agreements that would help the Futsal team in its increasing growth and success. Additionally, I will be taking care of our current sponsors who were generous enough to support us this year.

Obviously, I aim to maintain the good relationship we have with our sponsors and keep in contact with them, as I believe that the relationship between us should be of mutual benefit. This also relates to making sure that all the criteria present in our agreements is met so as to ensure that our sponsors are confident that they made the right decision by investing in our team. – Elaine



My role will mainly consist of taking care of the newly implemented sub-committees, namely the supporters group, the sales and marketing sub-committee and the technical staff. Apart from this, I will be assisting the General Secretary with any work that needs to be done within his role, and take decisions when he is absent. This gives me a foothold on the underlying backbone of the team, which is vital to its progression.

The role serves as a safeguarding for the happiness of the three of the most important pillars in the team. This will be done by working hand in hand with the team manager, sales and marketing and events co-ordinator who will also be involved in the running of these sub-committees. – Andrea


What do you intend to bring to the team?

Well, through my involvement in the team I hope to help the team grow and reach its potential. From my experience in other projects and my area of study at University, I think that I am equipped with the needed tools to establish a stronger platform for the team. Needless to say, I can’t do this completely alone, but I would consider myself lucky to be part of such a strong team.

I think the organisation’s success also depends on the team’s dynamic and relationship. Already maintaining a good relationship with most of the team outside futsal, some being ex-team members of mine, I think that my motivation and positive attitude will only be great addition to such a driven team! – Elaine



Firstly, I would like to add to the experience to the team, which is already quite substantial. Having had past experiences in other organisations, I will be looking to give an input on any discussion that might take place. Apart from this, due to the past three years of following the team, I have managed to grasp the fundamentals of Futsal and how the game is played and that makes me help to give more of an input on the matters that mainly deal with decisions regarding the sport itself.

During my past experience in ASCS, I was in charge of the events sub-committee, which gave me the chance to lead quite an important and large sub-committee within the organisation. Finally, over the years I have always managed to work within a team, and ultimately for that team. Working in a team is something I strongly believe in, because this would make the reaching of goals a swifter process. Thankfully, the team is equipped with strong and talented individuals which improve the team’s dynamic greatly. – Andrea



The Yuppie would like to wish the best of luck to Elaine and Andrea for their roles in the executive. We also encourage all our readers to attend UoM Knights’ game tomorrow against Safi. And as always, Forza Knights!


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