New Sports Team Launches On Campus!

The University of Malta already boasts a sizeable sporting presence on its campus.  The Malta University Sports Club is one of the oldest running student organisations and dabbles in a number of sports such as football (their football team last season even won a trophy), tennis and this year basketball and running.  The University is also represented at a national level by the University of Malta Futsal Team which is in it’s 4th season of existence.  They continue to do the University proud, building on a top 5 finish last season to have an unbeaten start to this season so far.


But now, they will be joined by a new sports team representing students.  The University Wolves Rugby Football Club Malta was launched on Facebook earlier today.  In their first post, the new team spoke about their aims;


“Our aim is to foster interest in the sport of rugby to those on campus, but to also promote a healthy and active lifestyle, one which promotes the pursuit of sports.  More than anything however, we want to continue to build on the work that different sports organisations have already done on campus, and cultivate a sporting culture which is befitting of a University such as that of Malta.”




The Yuppie contacted the people behind the Wolves and asked what students should expect in the near future, and this is what the team had to say;


“What we want to do is to promote rugby as a sport and a way of getting fit, but also to promote a sporting culture on campus.  We will be working in tandem with the Malta Rugby Football Union (MRFU) and also with other rugby clubs, not to mention with other organisations on campus to bring a set of sportive and also social events to students with the aim of creating a community based around sport.”


When asked about how they planned to officially launch the team on campus and when memberships would open, we were told to expect news on both these matters in the very near future.


You can follow the Wolves on their Facebook page, HERE.  We wish the new team the very best of luck and look forward to see what they can bring to the university and its students!