Breaking – Pulse WILL NOT contest this year’s KSU elections

Pulse will not be contesting this year’s KSU elections, the organisation’s President Owen Grech has told this news organisation.

This was because, Grech said, after two years of restructuring, of working and of seeing what can be done in every sphere of University, the last election, where, he said, Pulse clearly carried out an alternative campaign was still not enough, as the gap in votes was what it was.

“We feel that within such a short amount of time, it definitely would have not been enough time to convince the students to lessen the gap or elect us in KSU”, Grech said.

He noted that the organisation would now continue working to genuinely foster a sense of two-way respect between Pulse and organisations who, he said, would know that Pulse are talking to them not due to the elections, but due to a genuine sense of wanting to improve life on campus.

He said that despite not contesting the elections, events such as the Blockchain Summit showed that there was still clear intent to improve life on campus.  He said that Pulse wanted to continue working to improve the University, but the organisation felt that contesting the elections would not result in what the students want. 

Grech said that he wished to apologise for the delay in advising the student body of the organisation’s decision, but noted that the organisation felt that it would have been unfair on the University of Malta Futsal team – with whom they have intensely collaborated for weeks to bring the Blockchain Summit to the students over the latter part of this week – if their joint event was to be overshadowed by news pertaining to them and the upcoming election.

Grech made it clear that Pulse – contrary to reports issued by The Third Eye – had at no point in time approached anybody to be a candidate for the upcoming elections.

He said that Pulse would continue to work on elements such as international trips and meeting other student organisations – a process which had started earlier this year and, he said, which will continue in the near future after the upcoming set of AGMs conclude.  This is because Pulse genuinely wants to foster a level of two-way respect between organisations and help other such organisations, he said.

This is the third year in four that Pulse will not be contesting the KSU elections; last year being the only time they contested in this time period.  Despite a two year absence from the electoral scene back then, Pulse still lost by a margin exceeding 1,000 votes.

This means that – thus far – it is only SDM who will be fielding a full team of candidates.  However, there will still be an election happening as the independent candidate Kris Bajada will be taking centre stage as a candidate for the second year running.