DESA And FACES Team Up For Charity

The 21st of March, 2018 is the 5th anniversary of the death of Chinua Achebe, the renowned critic and writer of many works, among them Things Fall Apart, the most widely-read text in modern African literature.


As he worked to spread literature both in his home country of Nigeria and the West, the Department of English Students Association (DESA) are looking to honour this date by organising a collection of books from University students. These are to be donated to an orphanage in Kenya, which is operated by the Maltese organisation FACES.


Any books suitable for children will be accepted as long as they are in a good condition, whether they are new or second-hand. Science Fiction and Young Adult novels will also be more than welcome. DESA will be accepting donations at Office 3 in Student’s House at the University of Malta between 11 and 3 o’clock from the 12th – 15th of March.

According to members of FACES, these children are already enthusiastic readers, and are always on the lookout for new works of literature to devour. It is impossible to describe the joy a new stash of books will bring them. English is a truly global language, sought by employers and academies all over the world among their personnel. By helping to give a child an opportunity to develop and improve their English and literacy, whether it’s their first steps or further development, you could truly be making a difference to someone’s future.