Introducing ELSA Malta to Prospective Students

What is ELSA?

The European Law Student Association was founded by five students from Poland, Austria, Hungary and West Germany on May 4th 1981 on a train to Vienna. ELSA brings together over 50 000 law students, from 43 European countries, who share a common goal “contributing to legal education, fostering a mutual understanding and promoting social responsibility amongst law students and young lawyers”, whilst also helping to create “a just world in which there is respect for human dignity and cultural diversity”. ELSA eventually expanded to Malta in 1986, where it continues to thrive and offer law students at University countless local and international opportunities.

Why should you be interested?

The main academic events organised by ELSA Malta are the moot-court competitions. ELSA Malta starts helping law students familiarise themselves with moot courts from their first year, allowing them to ease into it and learn about the moot court process, rather than be thrown into their first moot court in the fifth year and left to learn about the whole process within a few months. ELSA Malta also organises informative sessions and seminars throughout the scholastic year, helping first-year law students overcome any fears or queries they might have about the course, whilst also helping law students from various years expand their legal knowledge.


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ELSA Malta also organises a series of ‘How to Sessions’, which seek to equip law students with tools which will not only prove to be beneficial for the duration of their course at University but for their entire legal career. The first ‘How to Session’ will be related to Assignment Writing and Legal Research and is specifically tailored to cater for first-year law students.


Apart from organising countless academic events, ELSA Malta is also at the forefront of organising the most memorable social events for law students. These events include Booze Cruise, FRAT (an American themed college party usually held in September), and ELSA Malta’s Law Freshers’ Drinks. The Freshers’ Drinks allows potential first-year law students to interact with one another, create friendships that will last a lifetime, and help them get through the law course. Starting University is a big step for everybody and ELSA Malta wants to help freshers leap into the course with the right information and with practical tips.


Speaking of practical tips, have you heard of their Legal Translator app? Available on both iOS and Android, it offers students the possibility to translate legal terms from English to Maltese or from Maltese to English. 


Freshers’ Drinks are up next!

Luckily, the Freshers’ Drinks are around the corner. Join ELSA Malta’s fun and informative event on Wednesday, 1st August, from 18:30 till 22:30 at the Cavalieri Art Hotel in St. Julian’s, by reserving your place here.


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Dora Marossy

Currently reading Mary Beard's Confronting the Classics and Factfulness by Hans Rosling.

Dora Marossy

Currently reading Mary Beard's Confronting the Classics and Factfulness by Hans Rosling.