Meet MAKE; the new education organisation on campus

Another new organisation on campus as of this scholastic year will be the Malta Association for Knowledge and Education – or MAKE for short.  Founded in April 2018, the organisation aims to provide representation for students within the Faculty of Education – students who ever since the organisation MUST (Malta University Student Teachers) went into dormancy.

The organisation was founded by Nicola Kirkpatrick and Ezekiel Xuereb, who have taken up the role of President and Secretary General respectively.  They are joined by Rachel Micallef as Education Officer and Eunice Bonello as Leisure Officer.

To learn more about MAKE, The Yuppie spoke to one of the organisation’s founder and current President, Nicola Kirkpatrick.

What initially sparked the idea for MAKE?

I was previously in  the Malta Health Students’ Association (MHSA) last year as Education Officer and then I changed my course to one in Faculty of Education. When I realised that there was no organisation to join and no one to represent the students, I decided to start one. That’s when I recruited Ezekiel Xuereb to help me out.

Why decide to reinvent rather than revive the education association that has existed previously?

We decided to reinvent the organisation since the Faculty of Education is growing and changing and is no longer just for teachers but is for educators of all types. Therefore we wished to make the name a bit more general to all courses and not just the Masters in Teaching and Learning course, which is the one that leads to teaching.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

Our biggest challenge so far has been finding sponsors to help us. Getting enough finances to start an organisation is not easy as it takes quite a bit of money in the beginning.

What does the future hold for MAKE?

We already have many ideas in the works including events for Pink October, Halloween and some charity work to give back to society. We have also already started getting students to inform us about problems and we wish for this to continue to happen so we can make sure their voices are heard. We hope to have a bright future ahead!

Kirkpatrick also added that the main aim of the organisation is to represent students within the Faculty of Education, and that in fact the organisation has already put forward two separate issues to the faculty on behalf of two groups of students.

MAKE will be present at the University of Malta Freshers’ Week between 1st and 5th October, and the organisation is hoping to become senate recognised by the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

The Yuppie wishes this new organisation the very best of luck!