Owen Grech to lead new 19-strong Pulse executive

Pulse stalwart Owen Grech will be leading the organisation for the upcoming year after being elected to the post unanimously during the organisation’s AGM on Saturday evening.

Grech will be joined by a mix of new and old faces, with people like Noel Mifsud, Mildred Attard, Jillian Spiteri and Owen Michael Grech all forming part of the executive for another year.  Former KSJC President Isaak Koroma meanwhile joins the executive of the organisation he represented on the sixth form’s council, while one of Pulse’s candidates for the last KSU elections, Mireille Farrugia, is also a new face to the executive of the organisation.

All in all, the executive will be formed by a total of 19 members.  This is what it looks like;

President – Owen Grech

Vice-President – Luke Mifsud

Secretary General – Noel Mifsud

Deputy Secretary General – Gabriel Mallia

Treasurer – Maverick Grech

Assistant Treasurer – Mildred Attard

PRO – Gabriel Cassar

HR – Ylenia Inguanez

Events Coordinator- Isaak Koroma

External Officer – Owen Michael Grech

Social Policy Officer – Alexander Sammut

Education Officer – Martina Cassar

International Officer – Mireille Farrugia

MCAST Coordinator – Neil Zerafa

Junior College Coordinator – Jamie Tanti

Assistant Junior College Coordinator – Raiden Psaila

University Coordinator – Jillian Spiteri

Gozo Coordinator – Michela Saliba

ITS Coordinator – Janet Aquilina

The AGM brings the tenure of the previous executive, which was led by Johnluke Ellul, to a close.  In the past year Pulse retained the councils at ITS, MCAST and especially Junior College in what was a hard fought electoral campaign.  However, on their return to the electoral scene at University, they were soundly beaten by SDM.