The Third Eye announce their new executive board

The Third Eye have announced their new executive board following their recent Annual General Meeting.  The new executive is formed of eight members, with Martina Galea Mascari taking over the lead role of the organisation, succeeding Nicky Zarb Szabo in the post.  Pearl Agius and Jack Cassar are other familiar faces which will be part of the executive for another year.

There are a number of new faces in the new board, with Samira Zammit, Chayenne Riolo, George Grima, Daniel Liam Cutajar and Kayleigh Cassar all being elected into the organisation for the first time.

The full executive with their roles can be found below;

Chief Executive Officer – Martina Galea Mascari
Secretary General – Pearl Agius
Financial Officer – Samira Zammit
Public Relations Officer – Jack Cassar
Media Officer – Daniel Liam Cutajar
Events Officer – Kayleigh Cassar
Content Manager – George Grima
JC Coordinator – Chayenne Riolo

The Yuppie wishes the very best of luck to our student media colleagues, and we look forward to continue working together throughout the upcoming year.

The Yuppie is currently collaborating with The Third Eye and Insite Malta to launch and carry out Speak – an initiative to create open, accessible, safe spaces for expert-led debate at the University of Malta that champions independence of thought.