Do You Think You Have The Million Dollar Idea?

ICTSA’s The Million Dollar Idea is back again, and here’s why you should be taking part. Firstly, it’s free so you literally have nothing to lose. Secondly, you will be wind up in three days of intense brainstorming, learning, networking – and at the end of which, you will probably be dependent on caffeine. Oh, and did I mention you can sleep at The Hub Workspace? 


Young entrepreneurs, dear yuppies who dream big but don’t know how to put their ideas on paper and make them come true, or just a group of friend looking for a new experience, TMDI is for all of you. You will be guided by key-speakers during workshops such as From Zero to Hero, The Gap in the Market and Modelling Your Business. You will also be given advice by mentors, leading you to develop your business plan to its full potential and to present it in front of a panel of judges, composed of Dr. Adrian Francalanza, Dr. Nathaniel P Massa, Matthew Caruana, Dr Ing Anton Bartolo, Ian Castillo, and Mr Carmel Cachia, at the end of the third and last day. Not only will you get a jump-start whether you win or not, but you will leave with a better understanding of the industry.


ICTSA have some brilliant prizes on offer for the winner of this year’s edition of TMDI.


If you finish first place, you will be granted half a grand cash courtesy of ESkills Malta Foundation, a year membership from Takeoff Business Incubator along with several hours of training and support by E-Business Systems and Agilis I.T. Solutions & Training Malta amongst others. The runner-up will not depart with empty hands; they’ll receive a cash prize too, partially funded by Konnekt. The teams that finish neither first nor second will go home with, hopefully, new friends, great memories and an unforgettable experience.


The Yuppie at TMDI 2017.


The Yuppie had participated in last year’s TMDI, and it was a truly great team bonding experience. We already had an idea and the website itself had been launched a couple of months before the competition. One of the mentors had heard about us and read several articles before knowing that we were competing and complimented our work, and the recognition was a very pleasant surprise and pushed us to do our best. The formal working space was a blessing, we managed to discuss and plan out what we wanted The Yuppie to be.


Here are some words from the winners on behalf of their teams if you need more convincing.


When we signed up for the million dollar idea, we did so to get a chance at practising the initial stages of setting up and pitching a start-up. I can safely say that the event met and exceeded all our expectations. We were provided with a clean and functioning work-environment, where we could apply the workshop material to our business pitch. Mentors gave invaluable tips, feedback and direction to our ideas, making sure we focused on innovations whilst keeping our ideas practical. – Benji Fenech Salerno, Sci-Fi.


Last year’s winners; Sci-Fi


All we needed was a room, our team and the great resources that were given to us by TMDI. It was a great, supportive environment that allowed for the collaboration of all the teams to work towards a common objective. – Mert Gülen, Flow.


Last year’s runner-up team; Flow.


TMDI will be held between the 6th and 8th April at The Hub Workspace, in San Gwann. Apply now! For more details, visit The Million Dollar Idea 2018 Website for tips and tricks or the Facebook Page.  Think you’ve got the million dollar idea?  This  is your chance to prove it.