UESA elect new Executive Board

The UESA Annual General Meeting was held at 7 PM on Monday 29th April. 

During the meeting, outgoing Secretary General Ella Miceli Farrugia gave an overview of the truly eventful year that’s just come to an end. Several statute amendments were made and the new executive board was elected. 

The new Executive Board for UESA during 2019/2020 is as follows:

President: Tano Bugelli
Secretary General: Thomas Galea
Financial Officer: Gabriel Borg
Educational Officer: Cheryl Gilford
Events Officer: Liam Portanier Mifsud
Public Relations Officer: Jael Deguara
International Officer: Sarah Mifsud
Social Policy Officer: Daniel Farrugia
Board Member: Kris Bajada
Board Member: Jacques Azzopardi

Collectively these form the UESA Executive Board for 2019/2020. The new board extends its thanks to everyone present during the meeting particularly the previous board.

New President Tano Bugelli spoke of the work done in the past year, saying that through numerous events and projects UESA had been rejuvenated and brought back to its feet after a “rather dormant 2017/18”.

“Our two biggest projects were the international EYE conference and the Erasmus funded HelloFuture project. The success we achieved in these events is a clear indication that we have what it takes to be one of the biggest organizations on campus. I’m proud of the success we attained this past year”, Bugelli said.

“I feel truly honored to have been entrusted to lead this organisation. Together with my new team, I will strive to continue implementing the vision we set. UESA will not only maintain the standard of events one’s come to expect this year but I’m positive we’ll even take things a step further. For those that might have doubted our organisation I can assure you that not only is UESA back but under my tenure it’s back for more”, Bugelli concluded.