A Year of Hard Work; A Year of ELSA

With ELSA Malta’s National Council Meeting approaching, we decided to take a look at the work that this organisation has done over the past year.  Back in May 2016, a team of 13 people was elected to form part of an Executive Board consisting of a President, Secretary General, Treasurer and several VPs and Directors.


ELSA’s focus this year was definitely quality.  Two books were published throughout the year; Project Jurisprudence Property Law and the sixth edition of The ELSA Malta Law Review, which is a student-edited and peer-reviewed journal on a variety of law-related topics that has been being published annually since 2010.  Four policy papers have also been issued.  These papers treat the subjects of hate speech, anti-money laundering, congestion and environmental law.


The European Law Student’s Association however is not one based strictly in Malta.  It is a European network of law students all across the continent.  As a result, ELSA Malta has been heavily involved in providing international opportunities for those interested.  A trip to Budapest was organised back in October whilst an institutional visit to Brussels also took place.  Traineeship programmes for students abroad were also promoted whilst a Travel Fund for Law Students was launched as well.  This travel fund will look to provide financial aid to law students willing to take up any of the vast amount of international opportunities that are available for them through ELSA.  On the domestic front meanwhile, ELSA Malta also hosted a group of students from Spain here on our islands.


Something else that also continued throughout this year was ELSA’s organisation of Moot Court competitions where students pair up and compete as either defence or prosecuting council.  Over these past 12 months, two such moot courts were organised; Crime 101 and Litigation at Sea.  In the former, candidates were given a murder case and had to either prosecute, or defend the accused; whilst the latter focused more on Maritime Law.


Several debates and conferences were also hosted by the organisation.  The highlights of these include a corporate and financing law conference, a debate on ODZ Land held at the National Library in Valletta, and also ELSA Day; which this year focused on migration laws with interventions being held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


These are only the highlights of ELSA’s year; there is much, much more work that has been done over the course of these 12 months, all of which has been done for the benefit of the student.


What about the upcoming year? Plans are in place for the publication of another book; Project Jurisprudence Criminal Law whilst another policy paper is also in the works.  The 2017 ELSA Malta National Council Meeting will see the appointment of the new board and will be held tomorrow.

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