Official Statements

Official Statement by The Yuppie:

Following news that one of the founding members of The Yuppie and the organisation’s Editor-in-Chief Julia Cini will be one of SDM’s candidate for this year’s KSU elections, the organisation’s executive can announce that it has accepted Julia’s resignation from her post with immediate effect.

The Yuppie has always held the principles and values of neutrality and freedom of bias close to its heart, and while – thus far – it does not seem that there will be a full election for KSU, both the organisation and Julia felt that her resignation was the best course of action so to truly be in line with The Yuppie’s core values.

The organisation owes Julia a lot, both for her work as a founding member and for her work as the Editor-in-Chief over the course of the last 7 months. The Yuppie has, under her stewardship, continued to move forward in leaps and bounds and to prove that it remains the freshest source of news on campus. The organisation is immensely proud of Julia and the opportunities that she has ahead of her.

Founding member and former Editor-In-Chief Albert Galea will be replacing Julia and retaking his old role within the organisation for the near future.

The Yuppie would like to wish the best of luck to all the candidates running for a post on next year’s KSU.

Official Statement by Julia Cini:

Today, 1st of April 2019, marks my last day as Editor-In-Chief for The Yuppie. This decision was an extremely difficult one to make. This statement has been harder to write than any article.

For the sake of neutrality, something this organisation is founded upon, I feel that it is only right to put forward my resignation, effective immediately.

I have been with The Yuppie since it was just merely an idea formed out of boredom in common room during my first ever UoM exam session. I am so proud to have been part of this organisation. The Yuppie has given me the strength to voice my opinion, has given me a team that I call family. We’ve laughed till we’ve cried, we’ve embraced each other’s crazy ideas and we’ve always gotten through any mishap along the way.

I am so grateful to have been your leader for the past months. I hope I can make you a half as proud of me as am I of what this organisation has become. An organisation that is thriving daily, with so much heart and soul.

Thank you. Onwards and upwards.