The 5 Sure-Fire Signs That You’re Procrastinating

It’s that time of the year again. May is a month that brings with it wind, hay fever and change of weather to warmer and brighter days. A rebirth if you will. A rebirth of stress that is. Waves of anxiety fill every single University of Malta student, knowing that deadlines and exams are fast approaching. Studying is the last thing we’d want to be doing, and this is were everyone’s favourite activity comes into play; Procrastination. We all know that we just love to get stuck on even the most mundane things – all in the hope of avoiding some actual studying.  I’ve taken the liberty of listing below some of the symptoms of procrastination; but don’t you worry, you’ll be cured soon enough (hours before an exam , let’s keep this real).

  1. Spending more time making a timetable than actually following it.

Time management is key in an exam period. This is why you decide to take a few hours to truly see what work has to be done for June exams and have a perfect study plan done in April. Every unit colour coded, done in your best handwriting , thinking that its aesthetic appeal may further encourage you to get the work written done. But alas, it’s the last week of May and this plan hanging up in your room is only there to torture you through your all nighters.

  1. Binge.

May seems to be the perfect month to discover new TV series to watch don’t you think? Using this an excuse to take a break from your studying: “U le, mhux 20 minutes kollox episode?”. Fast forward 4 hours later and you’ll still be in bed watching, because Ross and Rachel just broke up (again).

  1. Going to common room to “study” .

To the darling people to actually manage to study in common room, God bless you. Common room at this time of year is full to the brim, with students overdosing on coffee (free coffee mind you), tripping over extensions and attempting to get some work done. In the presence of friends, the limitless takeaway options available and an impromptu football game happening in quad. Sure. This being said, this has it’s upsides too. Seeing that there is a purpose in staying at university other than lectures, and that we’re lucky enough to have a space open for us 24/7. This place is truly the definition of “we’re all in this together.”

  1. Using the general election as an excuse to not focus on exams.

            Do I really need to go into this? Whether you’re directly involved in the election or simply follow it devoutly, this election has become a taboo topic of every group chat with the phrase “MORRU STUDJAW” floating in and out of the conversation from time to time. Now, I’m in no way saying not to stay informed because it’s the duty to give an informed vote, but the country won’t have a future if you don’t invest in yours at this moment. #priorities

  1. Procrastinating by writing an article on procrastination.

Ouch. And that is my cue to go. The Yuppie wishes everyone a fruitful exam season. Here’s to a stress free summer ! (nisperaw)

Julia Cini

My name is Julia, I am 20 years old and I’m a second year Law student. Some of my many talents include daydreaming, the capability to recite the entirety of Hamilton and spending the entirety of my earnings on Ryanair flights. Passionate about helping others, equality, activism and the arts. I jumped at the opportunity of being part of The Yuppie to form a new space that combined two of my passions. My main aim for this website is to make university students more aware of all the projects being created around them and to ultimately learn something from their peers.

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