5 Ways To Deal With Exam Stress

It’s June! To some people this may be the start of a nice long summer, after the stress of O/A levels, but to many others June marks the official start of exam season… Remember that you’re not alone, millions of other students are also trapped inside studying, and even though the idea of spending a day relaxed by the beach is tempting right now, it’s time to give the final push, so that you can enjoy the rest of the summer! We all experience countless stress during exams, so here are a few tips on dealing with that stress as best as possible!  


Get organised!


Let’s be honest – everybody can be messy at times! If you have an exam tomorrow, but have no idea where your notes are, there’s no way you’re going to be able to work efficiently with your papers all over the place. Take 10 minutes out of your day and file all your notes and assignments. Choose whatever method you find best – ring files, folders, or even binding your notes together by topic – whatever you choose, just make sure that everything is organised by subject and by topic, that way you won’t waste even more time looking for your notes!


Plan, plan, plan!


As a person who plans religiously, I’ve never had a problem with planning, however this can be very very tricky for some people. You need to find a way to fit in revising all the topics before your exams – and please try not to cram a years worth of information into an all nighter… You will only end up exhausted and unable to think straight during your actual exam. Try to go through some past papers too, your teachers did have a point when they kept nagging you to work out as many as possible – there seriously are many questions in exams which are stolen repeated from previous past papers!!


Use the exam syllabus (whenever possible) as your study guide – that way you know you’re not leaving any topic out, and checking things off the list will feel slightly reassuring.  Here are some templates I personally like to use when planning my study period from @emmastudies to make your life slightly easier!


Exercise & eat well!


Although you’re super busy with studying, exams, private lessons, etc. do find time to try and be as healthy as possible. Binging on junk food will only leave you feeling bloated and sluggish which will not help your concentration. Try and go for a short walk everyday, and switch the midnight chocolates with a fruit or smoothie when you get late night cravings for something sweet!


Take breaks!


Even though everybody is telling you to study, study, study, taking breaks every so often is important to remain sane. Take a bath, go jogging, meet a friend for coffee! Just make sure you don’t end up spending more time taking breaks than studying, balance is everything!


Actually study!


Now this may seem obvious to most, but seriously – actually study! Stop procrastinating and get to work! Sitting at your desk watching YouTube videos with your books in front of you doesn’t count! Get rid of all distractions (throw your phone in a locked drawer), and get working to stick to your plan.


Now I’m not saying this is some fool proof way of avoiding stress, we all end up stressed at times. However try to use this stress to motivate you to get your work done, instead of feeling down because you have so much work to do – as you will only end up even more stressed!


A big good luck goes to all those students who are sitting for their exams right now, and if you have any other tips on how to deal with exams stress, comment down below!

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