Candidate Roles for KSU Elections 2018/19 – ANNOUNCED

After a week of speculation, the official roles for both SDM and Pulse Candidates have been announced.

The full list can be found below:

  • President – Carla Galea (SDM), Jean Claude Scicluna (Pulse), Kris Bajada (Independent Candidate)
  • Vice President – Luke Abela (SDM), Carly Zarb (Pulse)
  • Secretary General – William Farrugia (SDM), Matthew Scicluna (Pulse)
  • Public Relations Officer – Joseph Farrugia (SDM), Claudia Mercieca (Pulse)
  • Financial Officer – Eman Haber (SDM), Cressida Galea (Pulse)
  • Education – Naomi Attard (SDM), Christoph Caruana (Pulse)
  • International – Karin Cassar, Clint Vassallo (SDM), Mirielle Farrugia, Nathan Gatt (Pulse)
  • Culture and Entertainment – Celine Bartolo, Matthew John Dougall (SDM), Thomas Camillieri, Kyle Mangani (Pulse)
  • Social Policy – Christian Aquilina (SDM), Joanna Incorvaja (Pulse)

We wish the best of luck to all candidates!

Updated 3.45pm

  • International Officer – Nathan Gatt (Pulse), Karin Cassar (SDM)
  • International Co-Ordinator- Mireille Farrugia (Pulse), Clint Vassallo (SDM)
  • Culture and Entertainment Co-Ordinator – Thomas Camillieri (Pulse), Celine Bartolo (SDM)
  • Culture and Entertainment Officer – Kyle Mangani (Pulse) , Matthew John Dougall (SDM)

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