Dear Political Media Houses…

As reported earlier on today, ONE News released an article titled “Studenti urtati b’telefonati kontinwi mid-Dar Ċentrali… jikxufhom nazzjonalisti stess” . More information about the contents of this article and the full story can be found HERE. In a nutshell, ONE News stated that false surveys being carried out about the upcoming KSU Election where being executed inside the PN Headquaters and pushing the SDM agenda.


In an interesting development, NET News have published their own article as a reply to this titled “ ISMA’ : It-telefonata li twaqqa’ l-artiklu tal-media Laburista” . In this article one can find a voice recording of the famous survey telephone call that ONE have mentioned in their article. In their Article NET mention that the company executing the surveys was a company by the name of  ‘Survey For You’ not ‘Eurostar’ . They condemn the partisan nature of the article released earlier today and how partisan politics shouldn’t play part in the University elections being held tomorrow. They finish off their article by refering to Jean Claude Scicluna’s apparence on the ONE television programme ‘Pjazza’ where infamous host Karl Stagno Navarra made an absolute mockery out of himself and student politics by saying that SDM in KSU have done nothing sparking outrage around campus. Find The Yuppies full take on that story here.


In another twist to the story, One News have now published a recording of a phonecall that shows a Dar Centrali employee apparently confirming that Eurostar is a branch of volunteers within the party.



I for one have a few questions about these developments. First off, if One News knew exactly what was said in these recordings – why wasn’t it published by the news house when the story broke? And how do NET all of a sudden have a clear, perfectly cut recording of said phonecall? It somehow all seems too good to be true. This aside, what I cannot really wrap my head around is the fact that both SDM and Pulse have tried their outmost to keep political bias out of this upcoming election and to disassociate themselves from the respective political parties; and then something like this has to come up. It’s utter disrespect from both news houses.  Why are telephone surveys – which must get student’s data from somewhere to run – being run by places like “SurveyForYou” (which, as far as our own research, does not exist) or “Eurostar” on the KSU Elections?


Dear ONE News, was there really need to mention in-nazzjonalisti in your title when the SDM team and their chosen KSU candidates are trying to represent everyone, regardless of their political idealogy, and that the same can be said for the Pulse team?  Dear NET News, did you have to continue to add fuel to the fire, and did the article really need to be shared from PN-run pages like Radio 101 and the Marsa branch on the party?  What message do you think that is putting forward?



At the end of the day, we get it. We get that your job as media houses of the respective parties is to push the agenda of said party.  But, Pulse and SDM are not the Labour or the Nationalist Parties. So please ONE and NET, stop trying to poison the university with your idea of political drama and controversy. I am sure that with the coverage we have provided, along with the other media organisations on campus, Insite and The Third Eye in their collaboartion with TDM 2000, and not to mention the hours of work all candidates and organisations have put in to truly listen to what every student has to say, the student can make a well thought out decision about who should represent them within KSU.  Partisan politics belongs OUT of University.


Elections will be held tomorrow via online voting. A unique link will be sent to every student of the University of Malta where they can access the portal and vote. Voting will open at 8am and close and 8pm.

Julia Cini

My name is Julia, I am 20 years old and I’m a second year Law student. Some of my many talents include daydreaming, the capability to recite the entirety of Hamilton and spending the entirety of my earnings on Ryanair flights. Passionate about helping others, equality, activism and the arts. I jumped at the opportunity of being part of The Yuppie to form a new space that combined two of my passions. My main aim for this website is to make university students more aware of all the projects being created around them and to ultimately learn something from their peers.

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