“Falz u Malafamanti” – Pulse Demand Removal of Third Eye Article; SDM React

We’re into the final three hours of voting for the KSU Elections, but there has been one last twist to the tale.


The Third Eye this afternoon published an article stating that any alternation to the parking spaces on campus are “impossible”.  Such a claim means that the proposals of both Independent candidate Kris Bajada and also the keynote proposal of Pulse are not feasible.  The claim comes after Third Eye emailed the University administration asking about the feasibility of these parking related proposals.


The reply obtained stated that “all talk about increasing the University parking capacity does not hold water unless the PA changes its policies.”


The Yuppie reached out to SDM President Neil Smart Costantino and Pulse President Johnluke Ellul for comment.


On his part, Smart Costantino said;

“The best way forward is to reduce cars, not accomodate more.  The issue has been discussed before, I have always had my reservations about this but they have now been confirmed.  This is a fact confirmed by the administration.”


Ellul meanwhile said that;

“Bhala Pulse tlabna lil kummissjoni elettorali biex jitnehha immedjatament l-artiklu tat-Third Eye u johrog skuza li dan huwa artiklu falz u malafamanti. Ir-raguni hija cara, jekk thares lejn il local harbour plan huwa jghid li facilities ta parkeggi godda ma jistghux isiru, ansi talli f’punt minnhom huwa jghid li l-Universita ghanda taghmel uzu massimu u efficjenti ta l’art taghha.  Kieku din hija vera, kellha tohrog fi zmien ta kemm ilna niddibattu u f’kull debate li ghamilna; ilna gimghatejn ghaddejin b’debates differenti.  Din hija haga malafamanti u ahna ha nkunu qed niehdu kull step u procedure legali biex dil malafamazzjoni li saret fil 5:15 ta wara nofsinhar il gurnata tal-elezzjoni titnehha.”



The Yuppie encourages all participants to allow the teams and the candidates to do their job in these dying hours of the campaign.  The Yuppie also emphasises the importance of press freedom during this campaign. We would like to thank all candidates, organisations, and media houses for their hard work during, and before, this hectic week.

Julia Cini

My name is Julia, I am 20 years old and I’m a second year Law student. Some of my many talents include daydreaming, the capability to recite the entirety of Hamilton and spending the entirety of my earnings on Ryanair flights. Passionate about helping others, equality, activism and the arts. I jumped at the opportunity of being part of The Yuppie to form a new space that combined two of my passions. My main aim for this website is to make university students more aware of all the projects being created around them and to ultimately learn something from their peers.

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