The one app all Maltese students need this year!

This September, FreeHour launched a big update with a variety of new features, making it truly the must-have for all Maltese students. In only two days, it charted N°1 in in the App Store and has retained its position since.

Here’s why: FreeHour has been created specifically for Maltese students, providing a Stipend Countdown, Maltese Job Listings along with Weekly Student Offers (Because who doesn’t love discounts?)





The app’s core features revolve around the timetable. We’ve all been in that situation where you send a message to your group chat to ask them if they’re free up on campus, and this usually results in nothing but disappointment, finding out no one is available.


FreeHour is the solution to this problem. Simply input your timetable, choose which friends to share it with and boom. You now can view a list of all the possible times you can meet your friends on campus. Whether you want to work on a project with your classmates or meet up with the squad, it’s as easy as creating a group. FreeHour does the rest.




For the busybodies and the forgetful ones, you may now also set a custom reminder in order to receive a notification minutes before your lecture, along with the possibility of chatting with your friends directly from the app.



Be sure to find FreeHour’s stand at freshers at UoM and take a chance to win €200 in cash, or walk away with free Polaroid pics and juices.


Download it now!

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