GħSL: The Launch.

It’s the outset of a new year for Għaqda Studenti Tal-Liġi (Malta Law Students’ Society, GħSL) which recently elected a fresh board of executives – with the International Officer being our very own Julia Cini. #proud 

The spick-and-span team were introduced at The Launch, a lovely meet-and-greet attended by students, organisations like ICTSA and KSU and rather distinguished guests – such as Dr Ivan Mifsud and Magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera to mention a couple -, followed by a brief speech given by Daniele Gafà, the President.


(Photo courtesy of GħSL)


They shared their plans for the upcoming year through easy conversations with their guests, additionally, a couple of members revealed that they’re working on new innovative ideas that could revamp the face of the organisation. Undoubtedly, GħSL never fails to disappoint when it comes to helping their fellow course mates and any other students out. They plan a wide range of events, from career guidance to mock interviews – in order to improve one’s skill when it comes to applying for a job -, moot courts and conferences passing by events such as Doctor Death – to unleash your inner Sherlock – and both academic and non-academic international trips as well as freshers’ activities.



Front row left to right: Emma Blake, Cynthia Duncan, Nathaniel Falzon, Daniele Gafà, Lara Attard, Matthew Booker and Erika Taliana. Back row left to right: Agnes Vella, Andrew Abdilla, Julia Cini, Jessica Napier, Aidan Cutajar, Corinne Sammut M-Grimaud and Celine Cuscheri Debono. (Photo courtesy of GhSL)


The Yuppie would like to congratulate the new team and wish them luck for the upcoming year!


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