Independent Candidate To Contest For KSU President

Reliable sources have informed us that student Kris Bajada will be contesting for the role of KSU President in the upcoming elections.


Bajada submitted the nomination for the post with KSU Secretary General, and incidentally SDM’s candidate for President, Carla Galea just this morning.  He will be launching his campaign tomorrow at 1pm on Quad.


Over the past two days both SDM and Pulse launched their respective electoral campaigns, and it was thought that the fight for KSU would be a straight run-off between University’s two political juggernauts.  However it seems that a new dimension has been added to the scenario with news of this candidature.


We have seen independent candidates contesting for a post on KSU in the past.  In the most recent election we saw Nicholas Martinelli contest independently for the post of Culture & Entertainment Officer, and it was the only election that occurred on campus after SDM were otherwise uncontested.  With both SDM and Pulse contesting all posts this year however, this election will surely prove to be a different prospect entirely.

Albert Galea

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