KSU Launches “Sustainable Mobility Framework”

This morning, KSU published the much awaited results of their online Transport Survey, which was launched back in July, and also published 5 initiatives that it will be working on in relation to transport.


That survey saw almost 600 respondents, 65% of which use private modes of transport to get to university.  92% of the respondents also agreed that more funds should be made available for alternative methods of transport.  Carpooling was the most popular alternative that private car users would take up, with 40% of the respondents choosing this – followed by a park and ride system (25%) and public transport (19%).  Interestingly, 44% of the private vehicle users were open to cycling to university if safer routes were provided, whilst 28% also would consider a motorcycle as another mode of transport.


University has long been plagued by a lack of parking spaces.


With all this in mind, KSU came up with 5 initiatives that relate to sustainable mobility, in the hope that they would have a positive impact on the parking and traffic problems that plague students on a daily basis:


  • Car Pooling –  The car pooling initiative will be moved from Car Park 4 to Car Park 6.  Students must register a day before via a booking form from the KSU website to reserve their place, as well as registering the two other student passengers that will pool in with them.  This would apply between 7 and 10 in the morning and would only take up a section of the Car Park – leaving the rest of the spaces for private vehicle users.


  • Park and Ride System – A proposal has been put forward to Transport Malta regarding a site Mosta that has been identified as being ideal for a park and ride service.  This will cater for drivers, cyclists and motorcyclists and will have a shuttle service running from it to University.


  • Malta Public Transport Fund – This fund will  be relaunched this year with 10,000 euros being made available for students 21 years and over (16-20 year olds already benefit from free transport as of the last budget).


  • Motorcycles – A half-day learning session will be organised by KSU and Gordon’s Moto Centre, with KSU then offering a 50% discount off the cost of the 10 hour riding course required to acquire the license to ride a 125cc motorbike.  Aside from this, Car Park 4 has seen the introduction of 30 new motorcycle spots.


  • Cycling – KSU have applied for funding to build new bicycle racks on campus, and also struck a deal with NextBike Malta, who will be offering an annual membership to students at half price – meaning it will cost only €40.

The decision to close off part of Car Park 6 for car poolers has been greeted by some students with backlash, with some calling it ludicrous to remove further parking spaces from what is already a limited stock of parking spaces.


In light of this, we have sent some questions to KSU Vice President Steve Zammit Lupi for further clarification on the matter.  The answers to these will be published tomorrow, so stay tuned to The Yuppie!

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