LIVE: The KSU Annual General Meeting 2016/17

As we approach the end of another scholastic year, the time has come for KSU’s Annual General Meeting.  The KSU AGM is the highest institution within the University Students’ Council’s structure.  It is here that any structural changes to the council can be made, and it is here as well that all formal nominations for the upcoming executive must also be made.

With a lot of chatter about the electoral system behind KSU, and further rumours that an independent candidate will be contesting for a place on the Executive Board; this should prove to be a very interesting meeting.

So join us, as we take you through the events of the day with our Live Commentary only here, on The Yuppie.

Albert Galea

A 21 year old History student (no, I’m not as boring as that makes me sound) and footballer who has an opinion on virtually everything. Known to be quite loud with said opinion. Caution required when approaching before 10am.

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