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Albert Galea

A 21 year old History student (no, I’m not as boring as that makes me sound) and footballer who has an opinion on virtually everything. Known to be quite loud with said opinion. Caution required when approaching before 10am.
Albert Galea February 18, 20172:30 pm

We are only a couple of minutes away from the start of the UoM Knights Extraordinary General Meeting.

We’re going to be keeping you up to date with all that is going on, so stay tuned to this ticker for the rest of the afternoon for updates!

Albert Galea February 18, 20172:41 pm

People filtering into the room – meeting to start in roughly 5 minutes.

Albert Galea February 18, 20172:45 pm

And we’re off!

Albert Galea February 18, 20172:46 pm

The meeting starts with Secretary General Ayrton Saffrett going through the agenda where Michael Piccinino is nominated and voted in as chair for this EGM.

Albert Galea February 18, 20172:47 pm

The next item on the agenda is the verification and confirmation of the minutes of the last EGM, which was held on 17th July 2016.

Albert Galea February 18, 20172:51 pm

Minutes for the last meeting approved unanimously.

Albert Galea February 18, 20172:53 pm

Passing on to the first motion for today – the changing of the preface of the statute, which currently states that the club is affiliated with Mdina Knights Football Club and KSU.

In light of the recent disaffiliation between UoM Futsal and Mdina Knights Football Club especially, the proposed preface makes light of this fact.

Albert Galea February 18, 20172:54 pm

Adjustments to preface passed unanimously.

Albert Galea February 18, 20172:55 pm

Next motion is on Article 7 of the statute regarding the date of the AGM which in the case of this season, will need an extended date to take place in July. This is due to the fact that this season will finish later.

Albert Galea February 18, 20172:55 pm

Motion passed unanimously.

Albert Galea February 18, 20172:56 pm

Next proposal regards Article 2c of the statute which was passed in the last AGM. It currently says that any member of the squad or technical staff automatically become members. This created some problems when registering the club with the Senate as it made two types of membership – those paying and those not – and it created no distinction between them.

Albert Galea February 18, 20172:57 pm

The proposal is for this article to be deleted meaning that players and staff will have to go through the same procedure as non-squad members.

Motion passed unanimously.

Albert Galea February 18, 20172:59 pm

Next motion regards Article 8 which says that there must be email notification of an AGM to members. It is proposed that the wording be changed from “email” to “digital communication” as it is much more convenient to contact members through social media as well as email.

Motion passed unanimously.

Albert Galea February 18, 20173:01 pm

Article 19b is the next to have proposed changes. Article proposed to read that the posts within the sub-committees be more fluid and flexible through the use of general motions during a meeting such as the one today.

Motion passed unanimously.

Albert Galea February 18, 20173:07 pm

Minor wording and numbering changes are proposed wherein Article 28 (for the PRO), Article 29 (for the sales and marketing officer), Article 30 (for the events manager), Article 31 (for the external officer) are added as opposed to these being amalgamated under Article 28.

Motion passed unanimously.

Albert Galea February 18, 20173:07 pm

Meeting briefly interrupted by someone’s wonderful Lion King themed ringtone.

Albert Galea February 18, 20173:09 pm

Next motion adds a new Article, Article 32, to the statute which adds a new role to the executive; the Deputy Secretary General who will be appointed by vote from the executive committee themselves.

Albert Galea February 18, 20173:09 pm

Motion passed unanimously.

Albert Galea February 18, 20173:11 pm

Some general article renumbering going on – all of which approved.

Albert Galea February 18, 20173:12 pm

Next motion concerns the team manager. At the moment, Article 37 stipulates that the team manager may attend meetings as an observer but without a vote. Proposed is that the team manager will now have a vote in meetings.

Approved unanimously.

Albert Galea February 18, 20173:14 pm

The next motion concerns the quota of players wherein at the moment the team can only be formed of 75% students and 25 % non-students. President Stefan Cutajar is proposing the removal of this quota, which is Article 33a, and the replacement of them with a set of articles that ensure that the team remains one for university students.

Albert Galea February 18, 20173:16 pm

The safeguards proposed in the case of the removal of this quota are as follows; Article 38a says that in pre-season, the executive committee must open a trial period exclusively for University of Malta students. Article 38bi says that when possible, for every two new university students registered within the team, only one new non-student can be registered. Article 38bii stipulates that this will apply for both the summer and the winter transfer window.

Albert Galea February 18, 20173:18 pm

This new 2:1 ratio will not affect those who are already in the team (and may be graduating soon) but only new entries into the squad.

Albert Galea February 18, 20173:24 pm

Question time going before voting on this motion, with the motion being properly clarified by President Stefan Cutajar.

Albert Galea February 18, 20173:28 pm

The proposal is that it will be up to the committee and the technical staff as to whether existing players must partake in a trial as well.

Albert Galea February 18, 20173:37 pm

Counter-motion presented that every season during any transfer window, at least 1 present University of Malta student must be registered so the team maintains its identity as a University team.

Albert Galea February 18, 20173:48 pm

Amendment to proposal by adding Article 38biii which stipulates that a minimum of 1 present University of Malta student has to be added to the squad per year.

Albert Galea February 18, 20173:51 pm

For benefit of clarification – this 2:1 ratio applies to the season as a whole not just a specific transfer window.

Albert Galea February 18, 20173:55 pm

So to recap, proposal as it is states the following:

– Article 38a says that a trial must take place every year for University students.

– Article 38bi says that for every non-student added to the squad, 2 new students have to be added to complement this.

– Article 38bii says that this will be a quota and rule that applies to the season as a whole and is not exclusive to a specific transfer window.

– Article 38c says that for every year, there must be a minimum of 1 current University of Malta student added to the squad.

Albert Galea February 18, 20174:10 pm

Still a lot of debating on the intricacies of this motion going on before we come to a vote.

Albert Galea February 18, 20174:14 pm

Coming to a vote on this motion, finally.

Albert Galea February 18, 20174:15 pm

Motion passed with 26 in favour and 3 abstentions.

Albert Galea February 18, 20174:15 pm

EGM recessed for a 5 minute break.

Albert Galea February 18, 20174:20 pm

So, it’s been an hour and a half so far in this UoM Futsal EGM. This is a recap of what’s gone on till now;

– A number of articles had their wording and/or numbering amended slightly, all the amendments being passed unanimously.

– The post of Deputy Secretary General was added to the executive committee, a post which will be decided by co-option by the same executive. This was also passed unanimously.

– The most controversial item so far has been the addition of a ratio which controls registration of non-students in relation to the registration of new students. The motion was passed with 26 in favour and 3 abstentions after over an hour of discussion.

Still more to come on the agenda so stay tuned!

Albert Galea February 18, 20174:23 pm

We’ve got 9 more motions to go through after the break.

Albert Galea February 18, 20174:30 pm

Ok – meeting back on track after a brief refreshment break.

Albert Galea February 18, 20174:33 pm

This next motion is another sensitive one related to the status of players – at the moment the club cannot pay any of its players any form of compensation for their service to the team.

Albert Galea February 18, 20174:35 pm

President Stefan Cutajar is of the strong belief that for the club to go forward, it cannot remain an amateur club and that the article in the statute (Article 33) that stipulates thus should be removed.

Albert Galea February 18, 20174:35 pm

Discussion opened to the floor related to this matter.

Albert Galea February 18, 20174:38 pm

Concerns being raised regarding whether the club will ever have the capital to pay its players and not run at a loss.

Albert Galea February 18, 20174:39 pm

Another opinion being raised is that if the players are being paid, it is “a slap in the face” towards the staff and the committee that they too are not being paid.

Albert Galea February 18, 20174:46 pm

Another hurdle for putting together a long term, paid, squad is the UEFA regulations stipulate that a Futsal player can only sign a contract with a club that keeps him there for a year. He may enter into a personal agreement with the club for longer than a year, but irrespective of that; he must sign a contract every year.

Albert Galea February 18, 20174:54 pm

Proceeding to a vote, the proposal is to remove the statute article which stipulates that no player can be paid to represent the club.

Albert Galea February 18, 20174:58 pm

The motion fails to pass with 10 votes in favour, 3 abstentions and 15 against.

Albert Galea February 18, 20175:00 pm

Article 48c is passed unanimously which caters for the registration of the club as a voluntary organisation.

Albert Galea February 18, 20175:04 pm

A couple more minor article adjustments all approved unanimously. Mostly related to the wording within these articles.

Albert Galea February 18, 20175:08 pm

A sub-committee for supporters which will be headed by the External Affairs Manager is the next proposal.

Albert Galea February 18, 20175:11 pm

With that, we’re done with the statutory motions and move on to filling up the 2 vacant places on the executive committee.

Albert Galea February 18, 20175:11 pm

Elaine Muscat is nominated as Sales and Marketing Officer for the committee.

Passed unanimously.

Albert Galea February 18, 20175:12 pm

For the newly created role of Deputy Secretary General, Andrea Varazzo is elected unanimously as well.

Albert Galea February 18, 20175:16 pm

The newly elected committee members Elaine Muscat and Andrea Varazzo both come up to the floor to thank everyone for their election and to re-affirm their credentials for their respective posts.

Albert Galea February 18, 20175:17 pm

Before we get to the closing remarks, President Stefan Cutajar issues one last rallying cry to the squad, saying that even though the team is in a very good position, the players need to “treat every game as a final, work hard and show pride with everything [they] do.”

Albert Galea February 18, 20175:24 pm

Closing remarks now as Secretary General Ayrton Saffrett brings the EGM to an end with one last rallying cry to bring the season to an end with positive results.

Albert Galea February 18, 20175:26 pm

That’s it for our coverage from the UoM Futsal EGM, thanks for following. We’ll be publishing an article with the full goings on of the meeting and what the future holds for our very own Futsal team later on next week!


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