One News Accuse Partit Nazzjonalista Of Carrying Out KSU Surveys

On Tuesday, SDM published a note to their Facebook page saying that they have received a number of complaints from university students saying that they were being called and asked to answer questions for a so called survey about the upcoming KSU elections. When the students asked who was conducting these surveys and how their data was obtained they were not given any reply, some even stating that the line went dead after this question was asked. SDM stated that they had nothing to do with this survey and referred to these kind of tactics to be “inappropriate and deceptive”. Their statement, along with the reaction of student organisation Pulse, can be found here.


This issue has once again come to light today, after media house One News published an article headlined “Studenti urtati b’telefonati kontinwi mid-Dar Ċentrali… jikxufhom nazzjonalisti stess” at 11:43am.  The main points within this article include the fact that these anonymous phone calls were made from within the headquarters of the Partit Nazzjonalista and that the people carrying out this survey were saying that they were calling from Eurostar, which, the media house claim, has some sort of meaning to SDM members. The article also claims that Nationalist students that have been involved with SDM in the past but do not agree with the current SDM administration can be heard calling the current administration ‘amateurs’ on a recording that is currently making rounds on the University of Malta campus.


Reacting to this article, SDM President Neil Smart Constantino, stated the following:


I am disappointed to see such an article. I can categorically deny that sdm or any of our members have participated in such a survey. The whole story is a fabricated lie. We have no doubt what the agenda is. It’s evident, especially seeing those who are sharing such an article.

This article is being published from the same media house that last Friday denied that SDM ever did anything in KSU. It is shameful to say the least that partisan politics, for the second time in a few days is being used, against SDM.

We will remain positive amidst these fabricated lies and vandalised SDM banners which has occurred during this campaign.


The latter remark is referred to a case where SDM banners all along Vjal Tessie were found adorned with red spray paint this morning; and also a case earlier during the campaign when a moustache was drawn onto the face of Carla Galea on one of SDM’s banners on Quad.


The Yuppie  also reached out to Pulse President Johnluke Ellul for his reaction to the article.  Standing by his statement yesterday, he said the following;


First and foremost, as Pulse we are not conducting or will conduct any kind of survey. We insist that everyone should be left free to decide on himself, without any partisan political pressure.

We condemn any type of election manipulation, let’s work to keep any partisan politics out of student elections

We will continue with our positive campaign, reaching out to new students and offering credible proposals.


The KSU Electoral Commission meanwhile will be meeting at 2pm to discuss this matter and will be issuing a comment on it after this meeting.

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