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The countdown to the most anticipated week of the year on campus has begun!  In five days time, Sir Temi Zammit Hall will be turned into an underwater paradise full of colourful sea life and merfolk.  As exciting as putting up a show can be, it can also be as stressful and hectic, and Harley Mallia is no stranger to this.  Unstoppable both on stage and off, this is Harley’s third student’s fest.  Having been elected as KSU’s Culture & Entertainment Officer last year, it was Harley’s responsibility to produce this year’s show; The Non-Commital Little Mermaid.  The Yuppie sat down with Harley to ask her some questions in the run-up to the show!


How and why was the Little Mermaid chosen to be this year’s Student’s Fest Musical?

When coming into office I said absolutely no Disney, But I soon came to the realisation that Disney works – everyone loves Disney.  I like it, the songs, the music, the sweet story of this little girl coming of age.  The best songs in the show are from the Little Mermaid.  It’s a cute story and I absolutely love it.


If you had to be any character in the Non-Commital Little Mermaid, who would it be and why?

Ursula hands down.  She is sassy, powerful, and cunning without trying too hard!


What has been the best moment and the worst moment of producing this year’s student’s fest?

The best moment is difficult, but I think it would have to be last Thursday’s rehearsal.  I cried during Under The Sea as the energy in the room was incredible and I cry every time Mattea ( Gouder – playing Ariel) sings Part of Your World.  The worst moment I think, whilst there hasn’t been any meltdowns yet, is having to pick up trash after everyone leaves rehearsals.


What would you say to people to encourage them to come and watch the show?

Student’s Fest is the result of what happens when all students from every walk of life towards the same goals.  Get ready for an entertaining evening, one which will surely become an annual appointment!


Seeing that there is an election coming up, what advice would you give to the candidates who will eventually take over the Culture & Entertainment Office, with regards to the election itself and the biggest event on campus; Student’s Fest.

I’d tell them the same thing regardless of the election – trust your gut instinct.  You’ll be in KSU and everyone will have opinions – but you were chosen for a reason so trust yourself.  The election campaign is three weeks long  – then you’re in KSU – no bad blood, don’t play dirty – the election should be to show off what you know – don’t be mean.  Once you are in KSU, you have to genuinely be friends with everyone, so make sure you take all of this into consideration.

Tickets for this year’s Student’s Fest are out now and can be booked by following this link:   

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