A Semester To Publish A Magazine – Simple, No?!

Any Bachelor of Communications student can explain the shock to the system that happens between second and third year. You suddenly go from multiple-choice exams to several practical projects and continual assessments. In one semester alone, I created two videos, one radio programme, a short feature script, and a blog. Don’t get me wrong, it’s super interesting, and any practical work is more fulfilling than just another exam. But when you’re not prepared for such a massive change in the grading system, it definitely does slap you right in the face to begin with.


Amongst the communication students, one particular study-unit is always heavily talked about and mentioned – Magazine & Digital Publishing. You might not know about the class from its official unit title, but you’ve probably heard of it going by different names – F5, Dare, Hide & Seek… The course is exactly what the title says – by the end of the, the class is expected to create a print publication, together with a supporting online domain. Every year consists of a brand new publication with a completely different name, brand identity, and theme. And when that year is over, you simply hit the reset button and it starts all over again.


As an aspiring writer, this unit has always been something I wanted to sign up for. Working in the editorial aspect of content publication has been something that has interested me for a long time, and I thought that this class would be the right opportunity to try it out. So out of the four teams you could sign-up to be a part of – editorial, design, communications, advertising – I rushed to get the team I wanted.



And I did. I was chosen as one of the two coordinators for the 2018 five-person editorial team. And just like that, my faith was sealed for the whole second semester of the unit. I remember that when the teams were first established, I was grouped with four people that looked familiar but had never really spoken to. At this point, four months down the line, these people have not only become great team members, but great friends too. From running around doing interviews, to creating and shooting videos, it was impossible to not get close. We’ve actually got to a point where our brains are all synced together, which results in us thinking the same things at the same time. It’s really creepy – like some Jedi mind trick.


It’s crazy when I look back and think that we’ve created an entirely new brand from the ground up. From the name, to the identity, to the social media following – a class of twenty-five students came together under one study-unit to help bring ideas and themes to life in the form of a final magazine publication. And just like that, RAW was created. In a sentence, “Raw is an unfiltered account of daily life.” We wanted to look for unique and untold stories, and represent them in an unfiltered and stripped-down manner. Stories in their rawest form. We’ve also managed to tell stories that are associated with specific body parts, highlighting the raw elements of the human anatomy that come together to form the human body.



I think my favourite part of the process so far has been getting to meet and interact with so many interesting individuals. We’ve interviewed an interesting mix of people – from bands to writers, from organ donors to stylists, from models to backpackers. We’ve also done some pretty out-of-the-box things as well. My defining moment from this course will always be being pelted by chicken nuggets, which I’m actually not mad about – turned out to be a great video in the end.


From the editorial perspective, we’re currently busy making sure that articles have reached their final version, and coming up with titles for them. We recently finalised the editorial letter that will be published as the introduction to the magazine, and I must admit that I did actually get a little bit emotional. It’s been one crazy and hectic ride, but reading the final drafts for our articles means that the end is just around the corner. This will definitely be one of the study-units that I will keep on remembering from my entire four-year course. And at the end of it all, I’ll have a physical printed copy of a magazine that I put my blood, sweat and tears into.


RAW Magazine will be published and distributed on Wednesday 16th May. For more details on the official launch event, you can follow the magazine’s official Facebook page @tellingraw, or read more about the publication by visiting the website. You can also have a look at the magazine’s official Instagram page @tellingraw from some teasers and examples of what is to come in the actual physical publication.


This is Raw – Untold – Unfiltered.

Nicky Gambin

I am a modern day Batman!! If Batman had deflated muscles, no hand-eye co-ordination and would burst out into song at any given moment. By day - University of Malta student reading for a Bachelor of Communications with English. By night - performing arts thespian trying to juggle all my extra classes and projects. What I wish for most in life - to have more hours in a day.

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