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The Yuppie was the brainchild of two University of Malta students, and founded in February 2017 with a full team of seven members.

The aim of The Yuppie was and still is to be a breath of fresh air in both student media and in local media in general, producing biting, incisive content whilst presenting news in a bite-sized, bearable manner.  Above all else however, the aim of the organisation was always to give a much-needed platform for youths of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to make their voices heard.  Youth is the future of this world, but despite this there is little to no opportunity for our youths to have a platform to truly express their opinion in an organised manner.  The Yuppie is there to give this opportunity.

Since the inception of the organisation, The Yuppie has hosted or taken part in a multitude of events.  Be it in the form of Science in the City, or the National Youth Tech Fair; be it in the form of social events such as our famous sell-out event, A Gathering Against Humanity; or be it in the form of top quality, biting debates such as those of the KSU Election period; The Yuppie has always strived to produce events of the highest quality.

Such an organisation is nothing without it's team however.  The Yuppie may be steered and co-ordinated by a small executive; but the organisation is proud to say that it has had over 20 different writers in the course of its existence, and has a strong contributing team of not only writers, but also media personnel such as photographers, videographers and graphic designers.  Experience with The Yuppie has led to team members moving into the profession of journalism, and can add to any prospective photographer's or designer's portfolio.

If media is your thing (or even if it isn't) and you want to form part of this ever-growing and thriving organisation, the invitation remains totally open.   All you have to do is drop us a line on social media, send us an email on info.the.yuppie@gmail.com, or contact one of the executive members shown below!